Sabado, Hunyo 23, 2012

Working With the Big Man - Michael Turner- and His Company - HarvestSEO

Seeking for a company for our "On-the-Job-training" had given us a hard time. We were walking along the streets under the hot sun. Roaming around and dropping by every company building that needs OJT's, leaving our resumes and expecting for a call after the long day. Weeks had pass but none of those confirmed a call. We're almost totally out of hope to even land one and had jumped into the idea of dropping the subject.
But we took that idea away for we realized that we never wanted to add one more year for our college. So we pursued our hunting. We had already been to couple of interviews and tests in days and just waiting for finalization, but unfortunately it had been long for any response. So, again we hunted on every streets of Cagayan de Oro hoping to finally land an OJT training ground after all our days be used up.
One of us had known an outsourcing company that she thought could possibly cater our OJT. She had been bragging the idea since but we were not that confident enough to apply for we are not familiar of its transactions. But it turns out the idea in which we are not familiar with their kind of business brought us finally on knocking on their door.
After series of tests, hands-on and interviews we are finally on our day of orientation. We finally found one at last, what a relief! It was Stickymedia Solutions, now the Michael Turner HarvestSEO. We were first frenzied about how business goes there. We were then trained together with their newly hired. It was like in a classroom, where you listen and ask and learn and apply.  Our training coach's shows expertise in his field in which gives us the confidence and the aid to exert to do well in our training.
Another concern that we worry about from the first instance of our encounter to HarvestSEO was the class load that we have. We don't know if they'll spare us a day to attend for our classes plus we are on our process and finalization of our thesis. But the admin was kind enough to let us carry on our class load, thesis and have our OJT at the same time. Another relief!
We've known that the owner is an American, as in a big man (literally for he's really tall and of course that heavy) and a straight-English speaker. We even pray we'll bump into the office for we do not know what we will do if we did. We don't even know what words will come out or if there will be, if he'll ask us something. However, each passing day was quite and simple. Go to the office, sit and do the job, have the breaks, go back to work and the day has done! Along those days we had really not escaped from bumping to him. We thought it will keep our knees trembling as we greeted him "good afternoon Sir!", yes it did on the first seconds, but it was taken away by a warm smile from that big man at the office, complemented with a simple nod to say "go on".
His presence occupies the office as of his size but he makes sure he won't disturb his employees and even smile to them on most times. He even doesn't want his employees to call him Sir; he says "it's Michael". Most of the company's heads also prefer to be called by their first names. Working in this type of environment seemed to let us feel home. We are not pushed to exceed our limitations but encouraged to do our best. Taking things light and negotiable in the real sense help us cope up with at first unfamiliar world we turned into. People here are good-nature and kind like their big man, Michael Turner!